So, um… did Cameron watch videos of male strippers and practice in advance for all these scenes?

Or was there like a “stripping choreographer” on set to coach him? And how many takes did Cam and Noel do for the long kissing scene in the bar? LOL sorry I’m just super curious tonight and “thinking out loud”.


"For 20 bucks… I’ll tell you what happened last week on Shameless. Thanks!"

Unf! I’m done, lol :p

Okay I’ll be honest - I loved all the Ian/Mickey scenes in S04E08, especially the extended kiss in the bar, the part where Mickey’s holding onto Ian in his sleep, and when he says “together”… but THIS is the gif set I was really looking forward to :D

Holy shit Cameron, good work LOL

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Anonymous said: I fucking loved when Mickey finally gave in and kissed Ian at the gay bar. I think Mickey really loves Ian

Yeah he’s finally learning to accept his own feelings. This episode was pretty damn awesome :)

Anonymous said: the ian and mickey reunion was gods gift omg i can't even-

I’m still kind of shocked Mickey finally called Ian by just his first name, twice. But maybe neither one really counts since Ian’s not exactly lucid the first time, and he’s passed out on the street the second time. It’ll be awesome when Mickey calls him Ian to his face when he’s sober and alert.

It’s sad that it took Ian getting so fucked up for Mickey to finally address how he feels for the redhead. Loved the scene where Mickey’s watching Ian sleep on his bed… so many feels.